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Hello, we are Gary and Norma McClelland from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  I am a direct descendant of John McClelland of County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

I want to share our family genealogy with anyone interested in our family history.  I have expended considerably time and effort to research and gather much of the information, but it has been very rewarding personally. Many thanks to all the people, from around the world,who have contributed information.  

For my mother, it was particularly rewarding as I was able to trace her family back to her great grandparents.  Up until 2005, she knew very little about her father, only that he left home at an early age, never to return.   She had no idea who her grandparents were on her dad's side of the family.

The information published on this web site is very general in nature and does not contain the last one or two generations of families.  I have much more detailed information in my data base which I can provide to family members.  

I have adopted the following code of ethics with regard to my web site genealogy.

Policy on Sharing Family Information:   
  • I will provide all the details I have to any bona fide family member.  In doing so, I remind those receiving the information that it is to be considered confidential as far as birth dates and other personal information goes, and must never be published, shared or sold to others.
  • I will never sell this information to anyone nor will I provide it to companies, genealogy sites or to any one who in turn sells this information for profit.
  • I will not knowingly publish birth dates of any living person on my website.
  • I will not publish the names or ages of living children, unless authorized or directed to do so by the parent (s) or guardian.
  • I generally only publish names of persons that are deceased, but there are a few exceptions.
  • I encourage all family members and distant relatives to share their family information.  This information may seem insignificant to some, but even a few details can help confirm an entire family line. Including all family members up to and including present day children is equally important as it will help individual families trace their ancestry in future years.

  • Name of person (including middle names and/or aka)
  • Year of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Religion
  • Date and place of marriage
  • Occupation
  • Date and place of death
  • Spouse(s), if applicable (show spouse's maiden name) and repeat items 1 to 7
  • Children, and repeat items 1 to 7

Information Maintained on Family Members:
Following is a list a list of information which is normally collected as part of genealogy, but is not limited to these only. This would typically start with the oldest known ancestor:

If you have any citations (official sources) of dates, locations, etc., please include them as well.

This is the very basic information.  Other information can be added, such as details of the wedding, brides maids, groomsmen; career highlights and accomplishments; date and place of burial, including detailed plot descriptions in a cemetery; obituaries; etc.  Formal documentation, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, are especially important and will be included as a citation in my data base.

Some of the most interesting information can be the memoirs of individuals; articles in local newspapers, etc.  If this information is provided, I will include it in my database.  

If you have any family photographs of the early generations or even your current family that you would like to share, I would appreciate copies of these.  If you have access to a good scanner, then a digital image is fine.  If not, and you do have pictures of earlier generations, I would appreciate it if you could get photographic copies made and I would pay for them.  I would then scan these and include the digital copies in my family genealogy database.  

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