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Family Background
Descendants of John Folliott of Wiltshire, England

New information in 2009 from a Folliott descendant in England may further the family line. It starts with a John Folliott, born about 1695, in England.  He had a son Jonathon Folliott (1722-1795) of Broad Chalk, Wiltshire, England. This family has a tablet dedicated to the family in East Knoyle Church (pictured above), located in East Knoyle, Wiltshire which confirms these facts.  Jonathan (1722-1795), had a son Jonathon. Jonathon was born abt. 1771 (baptized 22 July 1771), and who in turn, had two sons, Gilbert and Thomas (both baptised 6 June 1815, East Knoyle, Wiltshire, England).  It appears there were two more children, Jonathan and Mary Anne, both baptised on June 2, 1809. We do appear to have a definite link which confirms the family of Thomas and Gilbert Folliott.

Jonathan Folliott (1722-1795) was a farmer of considerable worth.  In his will dated 1793, he left considerable sums of money and leases to his family and friends.  During this period of time, most of the agricultural land in England was owned and control by royalty, the church or other high government officials.  Johnathan must have been in favour with royalty or other high ranking officials as he had several large farm leases, including Knolye Farm, Ramford and Newleaze just to name a few.  Most of his leases were with the Bishop of Winchester. Many of these farms had residences and assorted farm buildings. It does not appear that he owned his home.  At that time, many of these lease farms had an owners or masters house, and servants quarters as well.  Because of his favour with the upper class, he was allowed to pass the leases to his family in his will.  He had also managed to purchase considerable amounts of land. He left several thousand pounds to various family members, including grand children and son's-in-law.

Thomas (1811-1846) and brother Gilbert (1813-1887) emigrated to Canada while the rest of the family appears to have remained in England. They lived in close proximity to each other in York County, Ontario. Great great grandfather Thomas arrived in Canada in 1832 and settled in King Township, York County, Ontario.  Like many immigrants, he purchased land and became a farmer.  They lived most of their lives in King Township and Temperanceville.

Great grandfather Jonathon was born in 1835.  Some early records show his birth place as Eldon Township, Victoria County, Ontario but I believe that to be incorrect. He was  born in King Township, York County. He appears in the 1861 Census of Canada in King Township, York County, Ontario. His occupation is shown as a wheel wright.  By 1871, he had moved to Bolsover, in Eldon Township, Victoria County.  Jonathon Folliott had a total of 12 children and was married three times.  

My grandfather Elmyr was the son of Jonathon's second wife, Margaret Graves. According to my mother, grandfather Elmyr did not talk about his family.  Apparently, he had a disagreement of some sort with his father and left home at the age of fifteen, never to return again.  He lived in Ontario until about 1906. He is found in 1901 Census of Canada living with a John and Sarah Nesbit, in Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario.  Although he did associate with some brothers and sisters, he had little to do with his parents. My mother never knew who her Folliott grandparents were.   She was quite ecstatic when I was able to find her ancestors.

Elmyr went to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1906 and worked as a harness maker. He lived with his half brother Thomas Henry Folliott.  It is there he met and married Verna Boynton. My grandmother Verna was born and raised in Kirkfield, Ontario. It is not known if they may have known each other before coming to Winnipeg. They were married in in Winnipeg in 1911 and then in 1914, they moved west to Lawson, Saskatchewan, to make their fortune in the new land.  

The Folliott's are dispersed across Canada with known relatives in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
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