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Family Background
The first known Grieve to arrive in Canada was John Grieve from Roxburghshire, Scotland. His father may have been Elliott Grieve, but at this time, there is nothing to confirm this.

John and his wife, Ann Forsyth(e) emigrated to Canada in 1850, settling in Eramosa Township, Wellington County, Ontario. There he purchased 100 acres in concession 4. Having cleared and paid for that, he bought lot 23, concession 4, and later lot 24, increasing his holdings to 300 acres. As set forth in a record in the Wellington County Historical Atlas, published in 1906, he was remembered as a powerful man of great personal activity, imbued with perseverance assuring success in life. As a noted plowman, he won many prizes at agricultural fairs. He was famed as a stock fancier, raising purebred cattle with which he captured many prizes. He was a keen judge and lover of horses too. He had the honor of being the first farmer in Eramosa to buy a binder.

His son, John Alexander Grieve moved west to Saskatchewan and homesteaded near present day Lawson, Saskatchewan.
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